Donald Trump Wants to Raise His Own Taxes, and Here’s How He Could Do It

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Billionaire Donald Trump, who built his fortune in real estate, told Bloomberg Politics this week that he wants to raise his own taxes. One way to do it is a bipartisan proposal that would blow up one of the real estate industry’s favorite tax breaks.

The break, known as the like-kind exchange or “1031” for the tax code section it comes from, lets real estate owners sell one piece of property and buy a new one soon afterward without paying any capital gains taxes on the profits from the sale. The result is an ever-increasing pile of deferred capital gains, taxed only whenever there is a final sale or, better yet, never taxed as income at all upon death.

“It was originally meant to really cover a narrow set of transactions,” said Lily Batchelder, a former aide to Senate Finance Committee Democrats and to President Barack Obama. “It’s grown into this huge loophole, especially for wealthy real estate investors.”

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