Some Comparisons: Small and Large Commercial Real Estate Transactions

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The investment sales markets for large and small commercial buildings are distinctively different.  NAR’s Commercial Real Estate Market Trends report summarizes sales and rental activity based on a quarterly survey of commercial REALTOR® practitioners[1].  A second report, NAR’s yearly Commercial Lending Survey report provides information on commercial real estate financial issues addressed by REALTORS®.[2]  Both reports present commercial real estate information generally not available elsewhere: the average commercial transaction size in markets served by REALTORS® has been about $1.6 million, significantly below the $2.5 million threshold typically used by major databases in providing information on commercial transactions.  Although many REALTORS® participate in transactions above the $2.5 million threshold, in general REALTORS® report that they serve a segment of the commercial real estate market for which data are generally not reported—Small Commercial Real Estate transactions (SCRE) under $2.5 million, in cntrast to Large Commercial Real Estate transactions (LCRE) over $2.5 million.

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