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Despite interest rates rising, if only modestly, and the current commercial real estate cycle seemingly plateauing, sentiment remains largely bullish for the net lease sector.

This is the consensus that comes through in the responses to NREI’s first survey of the net lease real estate sector, which was conducted in February.

Sentiments are rapidly shifting as to where we are in the commercial real estate cycle.

In our 2015 research surveys on various property types, the majority of respondents said we were in the recovery or expansion phase of the cycle. In this most recent survey, 42 percent of respondents say we’re now at the peak of the cycle. Only 36 percent believe we are in the expansion or recovery phase. That said, only four percent of respondents said we are in the recession phase and just seven percent said we are at the trough. An additional 11 percent said they were unsure what phase of the cycle we are currently in.

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