Men are twisting the knife that’s already killing shopping malls

Men are twisting the knife that's already killing shopping malls

Men, rejoice. Your dreams might be coming true, all thanks to your desire to never leave your house.   A new study from Business Insider Intelligence confirms that men are doing a lot of shopping online.  So men are thereby helping drive malls into the ground, which are already struggling on multiple counts.

“When it comes to e-commerce, men drive nearly as much overall spending online in the US as women. The conventional wisdom is that women drive shopping trends, since they control up to 80% to 85% of household spending,” BI Intelligence reports.

And it turns out, more men than women would prefer to never have to leave their houses to shop — especially these guys.

The report noted that 40% of men ages 18-to-34 “would ideally buy everything online.” Women, on the other hand, seem to still care for traditional in-store shopping experiences at times with only only 33% of women agreeing they feel the same.

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