Capital Spigot Is Wide Open

Borrowers are reveling in a market where capital is both cheap and plentiful, and even an expected rise in interest rates is not likely to take the wind out of the sails of the current robust lending climate.

“We’re enjoying the benefits of a great market,” says Ernie Katai, executive vice president and head of production at Berkadia, a commercial real estate company. Although 2014 was a record year for the firm in financing, year-over-year volume surged another 70 percent in 2015. Part of that jump can be attributed to a single $5.1 billion portfolio transaction. But excluding that deal the firm’s numbers would still be up 40 percent for the year, notes Katai.

Based on overall market liquidity, that momentum is expected to carry over into 2016. Lenders are keeping an eye on international headlines, notably the recent terrorist attacks and continued threats in Europe. However, lenders and financial intermediaries remain optimistic about the coming year. “Short of something outside of our control happening, the market for 2016 looks poised for another strong year,” Katai says.

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